"Improving Global Food Security, Combatting Climate Change, and Building Prosperous Communities through Sustainable Wetland Agriculture"



The Tay Juhana Foundation (TJF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocate the conversion and cultivation of sub-optimal lands (i.e. wetland, lowland, and flatland) into productive lands, through the most environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable manner. Our work is based on the premise that the prevalence of food insecurity and undernourishment still appears to be on the rise regionally and globally. This global situation is largely exacerbated by climate-related shocks, social conflict and violence, and other challenges caused by economic slowdowns ( FAO, 2017).

Legally established in 2013, TJF is mainly financed by an Indonesian coconut specialist company, the Sambu Group. According to Cocoinfo International, the Group is globally acknowledged as the World’s Largest Integrated Coconut Industry. It has 50 years of experience on sustainable coconut farming and is a home to more than 19,000 employees.

The Foundation

Aside from continuously benefiting the local farmers it works with through its ethical trading, TIME magazine has reported that the company’s main goal is also to build self-sufficient and environmentally friendly ecological system.

The Foundation

Its value added coconut products under the brand Kara, has become popular coconut-based products worldwide. In fact, Kara has recently been awarded as one of the 20 Rising Global Stars by Forbes Indonesia, recognizing it as one of Indonesia’s emerging world-class brands.

With the generous support from the company and 50 years of practical experience that we have, TJF is now ready to play its role as an agent of change for the mentioned causes. In our 96,000 hectares project site situated in Riau Province of Indonesia, we welcome any collaboration from both local and international communities that share the same interest in improving our food security while combatting the adverse effects of climate change and building self-sufficient communities through various research, technology, and community development projects within the area of sustainable wetland agriculture.



Our foundation was named after the Founding Father of Sambu Group, the late Mr. Tay Juhana. The company group was incorporated in 1967 but its legacy first began with Mr. Tay’s pioneering spirit. The Singaporean-born founder ventured to Indonesia’s Jambi Province and planted his heart and soul to build a foundation that is both innovative and socially inclusive. He later decided to adopt Indonesian citizenship and dedicated the rest of his life to his business and his people.

Mr. Tay always envisioned the company to be holistic in all aspects and sought to build one that would simultaneously benefit farmers, business partners, customers and Mother Nature herself. With decades of tireless effort and endless perseverance, Mr. Tay turned his vision into reality one step at a time. As a result, the company has been consistently putting the balance of all pillars of sustainability (i.e. environmental responsibility, economic prosperity, and social justice) as its utmost priority until now. His noble ambition to provide the society with sustainable future has brought Sambu Group to become world’s biggest integrated coconut industry, where its works are exemplary to the rest of coconut industry players worldwide.

During his time, there was one life principle that Mr. Tay never failed to remind all of his employees and family members: “Always contribute to society. If you cannot contribute to society, do not be a burden to society.”

The meaningful saying is fundamental to the establishment of Tay Juhana Foundation. Our foundation is not simply another legacy of Mr. Tay, it is the embodiment of the values of life that are essential to be embraced by all of us humans, in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet their own needs.


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The main goal of the foundation and the actionable missions it focuses to achieve the goal.


An ensured food security and well-achieved sustainable development goals at regional, national, and global levels, that is accomplished through well-researched and meticulously-developed cultivation system of suboptimal wetland, lowland, and flatland – in which the most environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable mechanism is applied rigorously throughout the process


In order to achieve our vision, we are committed to:

- Conduct sound, continuous studies that are relevant to the causes we support, in order to strengthen the technical capacity of our organization as an agent of change

- Develop and promote the environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable use of wetland, lowland, and flatland in our current project site and other potential, geographically similar lands in the future

- Educate all relevant stakeholders on the potential of the system we develop in securing food while conserving the environment and supporting social and economic prosperity

- Engage and collaborate with knowledge institutes, government bodies, nonprofit organizations, local communities, and other relevant entities that share mutual interest towards the causes we support.


The principles that we apply throughout our work spectrum.

As the basis of our organizational drive in achieving tangible results through longstanding commitment, we have set the following core values. These core values are not mere platitudes; they are deeply instilled within all who represent our organization and responsibly manifested by them at all levels of our work.

Respect: We maintain our deep respect towards people and Mother Nature. We realize that the success of our mission depends largely on the active involvement of local people, partners, and all other stakeholders. Hence, it always becomes the utmost importance for us to demonstrate awareness and sensitivity towards local cultures, values, and traditions. We also strongly believe that the conservancy of local environment is highly crucial in accomplishing our milestones, because without respecting it our work will never achieve one of our fundamental goals that is creating climate-resilient environment for the nation as well as the planet.

Innovation: We strongly value creative ideas and are committed to push boundaries to provide new, effective solutions to handle potential challenges coming our way. We encourage innovative experimentation with new approaches and commit to share the results through empirical research, collaboration with external entities, outreach activities, and expert analysis.

Collaboration: Realizing the complexity of global, interdisciplinary issues that we are trying to resolve, we are open for collaboration with all layers of society that share mutual interest. We believe that working collaboratively with our partners require us to earn trust by being competent and constantly building rapport with them. We are also committed to ensure that all relevant knowledge and experience that we have are being equally shared to all involved stakeholders.

Evidence-based: Our work is based on the best available science and we are committed to continuously conduct the soundest scientific researches to strengthen the technical capacity of our organization. We strive to be expert in our field and persevere to constantly be able to deliver impactful, evidence-based solutions.

Inclusiveness: We believe in the importance of the diversity of views and perspectives in our work, as well as the inclusion of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures in our organization. We strongly encourage inclusive dialogue to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to offer their viewpoint at the table.

Sustainability: We put the balance of all sustainability pillars as our utmost priority. Our work must be implemented through the most environmentally, economically, and socially sensitive manners in order to produce tangible, long-lasting benefits not only for the people but also for the surrounding ecosystem.

Tay Juhana