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We work in a vibrant environment with a diverse, dynamic group. Meet our small team with a big dream below.

Tay Enoku – General Director

Tay Enoku serves as the General Director of Tay Juhana Foundation while leading the strategic development of Sambu Group, the main organization that provides resources to support the Foundation’s objectives.

He and his siblings continue to carry the torch passed down from the late Mr. Tay Juhana – the vision, values, and desire to create impacts that are translated into a socially-responsible coconut farming business for the benefits of the community at large and a series of philanthropic works aiming to simultaneously provide food for humanity and preserve the natural ecosystem.

Tay Ciaying - Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Tay Juhana Foundation, Tay Ciaying’s work includes but not limited to direct, inspire and motivate the team as well as practice advocacy alongside the team members to achieve sustainable food production for humanity in light of threats of climate change and food scarcity.
At the same time, she is also the Executive Director of an established sister foundation of the organization called Bahtera Dwipaabadi Foundation (YBDA), which focuses on welfare and improvement of dignity of Indonesian farmers and workers that supports the continuity of Indonesian coconut industry as well as local communities.

Christian Hsieh – Advisory Board Member

Christian Hsieh leads the advisory board of Tay Juhana Foundation. He brings extensive experience in finance, strategy, and operations across banking, industrial, and consumer sectors.

Christian is a tech entrepreneur and a former executive director of J.P. Morgan Chase Bank in Asia. He is an active investor in technology and social ventures.

Fajri Usman - Program Advisor

After two years facilitating the initial development of the organization and holding a managerial role in it, Fajri is now dedicating his spare time to serve a consulting function within its structure while working full-time in another not-for-profit organization that promotes similar causes.

His task mainly covers providing insights and/or perspectives on the overall design and implementation of the organizational framework.

Annisa Noyara Rahmasary – Program Manager

Noya pursued her bachelor’s degree in Applied Meteorology at Institut Pertanian Bogor. Following her passion for environmental management, she continued her study at Utrehct University, where she graduated from Water Science and Management master program.

She ventures to the sustainable lifestyle and wishes to contribute more to the Earth as well as the global society. Meanwhile, she also acts locally by joining some voluntary activities that focus on the education sector.

Andika Trilaksana – General Affairs and Operational Officer

Andika holds a bachelor’s degree of public administration from Universitas Brawijaya. Before joining TJF, he worked as a surveyor for monitoring and evaluation of government policy under coordination Jakarta Smart City.

For almost three years, he was also involved in green youth community as well as certain philanthropic platform that focused on sustainable community empowerment and public education.

Ika Zahara Qurani – Research Coordinator

Zara is in charge in facilitating research and partnership that contribute to sustainable development goals. Her enthusiasm in linking environment and growth has been sparked since college years as she became the Students’ Head of Environmental Advocacy.

She previously worked for an international NGO where she has had supported more than 20 conservation and community empowerment projects in Kalimantan, NTT, and Papua. Zara obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with specialization in Climate Governance from UIN Jakarta. She was also a SUSI fellowship awardee in Global Environment Studies at the University of Montana, USA.

Nurul Ihsan Fawzi - Researcher

Ihsan obtained his Master’s Degree in Geography from Gadjah Mada University. His thesis is about mangrove forest change and fragmentation. Since then, he works in environmental management where he published numerous scientific articles and books. He believes that presenting scientific subjects as writing is his moral duty, and it is an artistic task.

Due to his scope of work, Ihsan enjoys conducting field research a lot. He prefers spending his time outside in beautiful landscapes. When he’s working indoor, he usually works on his pieces, or leisurely read books and watch series.

Yoga Aprillianno – Media and Communication Coordinator

Yoga is a communication bachelor holder from Universitas Diponegoro who joined Tay Juhana Foundation with previous professional experience working with a marketing communication agency.

He has a dream that he can be remembered by many as a good person who dedicates a big portion of his life to do good things. He also enjoys contributing towards all kind of initiatives/social projects which aim to produce mutual understanding and equal benefits for all layers of society.

Dewi Mustika Rahayu - Media Officer

Dewi is a Communication Science graduate from the Vocational School of IPB University. She then extended her study and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at Sebelas Maret University.

Dewi loves to get involved in social projects and community empowerment activities since she entered college life. One of her life highlights is when she volunteered as a teacher for Indonesian migrants worker’s children in Sabah, Malaysia. For her, life can feel more lively if she can make a beneficial contribution to others, however small it is.

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