Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

An ensured food security for humanity and the achievement of relevant Sustainable Development Goals through environmentallysocially, and economically sustainable agriculture system of suboptimal wetland, lowland, and flatland.

Our Mission

In order to achieve our vision, we are committed to:

Conducting Research

Catalyze research and development to advance sustainable agricultural innovation on suboptimal wetland, lowland, and flatland.


Educate all the relevant stakeholders on effective water management system in wetland agriculture.


Provide consultancy for independent and collaborative works on sustainable agriculture practice of suboptimal wetland, lowland, and flatland.


Facilitate the advocacy to stimulate change towards food resilience through relevant policy recommendations.

Our Values

As the basis of our organizational drive in achieving tangible results through longstanding commitment, we have set the following core values. These core values are not mere platitudes; they are deeply instilled within all who represent our organization and responsibly manifested by them at all levels of our work.


We maintain our deep respect towards people and Mother Nature. We realize that the success of our mission depends largely on the active involvement of local people, partners, and all other stakeholders. It always becomes the utmost importance for us to demonstrate awareness and sensitivity towards local cultures, values, and traditions.


We strongly value creative ideas and are committed to push boundaries to provide new, effective solutions to handle potential challenges coming our way. We encourage innovative experimentation with new approaches and commit to share the results to the world.


In resolving the global, interdisciplinary issues, we are open for collaboration with all layers of society that share mutual interest and earn the trust by being competent and constantly building rapport with them.


Our work is based on the best available science and we are committed to continuously conduct the soundest scientific researches. We strive to be expert in our field and persevere to constantly be able to deliver impactful, evidence-based solutions.


We believe in the importance of the diversity of views and perspectives in our work, as well as the inclusion of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures in our organization. We encourage inclusive dialogue so that everyone has the opportunity to offer their viewpoint at the table


We put the balance of all sustainability pillars as our utmost priority. Our work must be implemented through the most environmentally, economically, and socially sensitive manners in order to produce tangible, long-lasting benefits for both the ecosystem and the people.

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