Today, ‘you are what you eat’ means more.

Not only do the food you choose to eat affect your health, they also drive Earth’s health. It has an impact on the way agri-food systems work. In this year’s World Food Day (WFD), we ask you to be our heroes, to take part in defining the path of a better agri-food system that provides better food for humanity.

You can be our agri-food heroes, by telling stories that making known of individual, group, idea, or work that can inspire us in addressing agri-food challenges. These stories can expose best practices to improve the system, leading to our capacity improvement to be more resilient and adaptive.

Witness our final event

After a month of extension for the preliminary round, we had chosen the six finalists for our #tellyourstory competition.

They were scored the highest in the three judging criteria of Voice and Power that gauge to what extent the audience can hear and feel the message to change the agri-food system; of Experience and Engagement that measure how the submission can help the audience feel connected and engaged; and of Inspire for Impact that observe the potential impact of the story to inspire the audience.

Watch the record of our final event below and unfold the winner together!

1st winner: RANITA UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. A group of agents of change from UIN Jakarta who campaigns to young people to contribute to a better agri-food System. Representing youth, RANITA brings the idea on how agri-food systems can be enhanced in a traditional way by the collaboration of youth spirit and cultural heritage.

2nd winner: Habibie Fauzan. A vigorous student who tells the story about the agriculture powerups. Walking through the history on how technology has changed agriculture, Habibie believes in the potential offered by technology that enable human to bring betterment of agriculture.

3rd winner: Filly Muharani. An agri-food enthusiast who campaigns local food consumption as one of the methods to contribute to a better the agri-food system. Filly shows the vision of the development of rural areas through the enhancement of a better platform in purchasing local products.

Honorable Mention: Re-peat. This youth-led group provides a collective pushing for a peatland paradigm shift through collaboration, education, and a process of re-imagining. Their creative story involves our human senses to describe and relay how peat might ‘feel’ with all the things happened to them.

We feel very grateful to all who submitted their storytelling videos to us. You have taken the part in defining the path of a better agri-food system that provides better food for humanity.  In this age where agriculture and food system needs to be more robust yet adaptive, it is urgent to take action. This storytelling competition is a heartfelt campaign to celebrate farmers, scientist, and everyone who have worked to better food for humanity. A story can inspire and start a change, and it is everyone’s task to support.

This series of event is organized by Tay Juhana Foundation and is supported by Thought for Food.