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The Use of Creative Media for Environmental Campaign

According to Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII), the biggest ratio of Indonesian internet user belongs to the age group of 18-35 years old, a.k.a the millennial generation. It is therefore not surprising that many organizations, including Pantau Gambut, employ a visual-centric approach via social media such as website, Instagram, and Youtube to deliver user-friendly data and information. Pantau Gambut is basically a digital platform that provides information about peatland restoration and conservation activities. Its main aim to educate people on the importance of peat ecosystem, especially via its websites that also equipped with interactive tools.

Two creative studios, Sixtytwo and Communicaption, have been working with Pantau Gambut in handling all media platforms and campaign strategies, from the development to day-to-day maintenance. Based on their experiences, they use the following principal points in conducting the creative campaign:

  • There is no One-Size-Fits-All in online marketing.
  • It needs to trigger emotions.
  • The content should be snackable, means visually fun, light, and engaging yet educational.
  • We have to talk in audience language: current, light, and relevant.
  • The perfect combination of the right content, the right platform, and the right time.


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Creative platforms also offer support to build, gather, and boost campaigns. One of these studios is Campaign.id that usually supports change-makers on their movements that relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The creative team tries to amplify the movement impact by creating a social network that initiates engagement amongst interested change-makers, supporters, and volunteers. Recently, many creative campaigns even utilize virtual reality (VR) so that people can observe near a real-life experience of the supported cause. It also corresponds to the mentioned principle above where everything is seen from the perspective of the targeted audiences.


Source: Presentation of Victoria Simansjah (Sixtytwo), Ahmad Aziz (Campaign.id), and Pandu Padmanegara (Communicaption) during Innovation and Collaboration Day Pantau Gambut #PeatlandisnotWasteland, 13 December 2018

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