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Tay Juhana Foundation is an independent organization that relies on financial and technical support from external partners. We welcome all forms of support from all types of external entities that share the same vision as ours.

Here are actions you can take to make your contribution count. Whether you are a self-care environmentalist, a big corporation which puts sustainability on top of business concern, an organization which wants to broaden the networking service or even just a college student who cares about the better life of the future generation. This is the right time to help us transfigure the sustainable livelihoods vision into a promising realization.


By partnering with us through a specific activity or event, either financial or in kind, you contribute to build a better future for people and nature and we provide you with recognition for supporting our work.


Do you share the same concern as ours and strive to make an impact? Does the vision of your organization alike with us? You might be an expert, a researcher, a social worker, an entrepreneur, a professional, a government staff, or a free agent. By becoming our donor you will contribute in paving the way to a better, sustainable future through supporting the execution of our impactful programs.


Explore the opportunities that suit you best to convey your awareness by participating with us in tackling sustainability issues.

Find out more about our job opportunity.


Craving more information? Having an occasion where you want to disseminate knowledge relevant to our causes? You are welcome to contact us to have a sharing session on the wisdom and insight from our livelong journey in achieving our goals.

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