TJF Agrifood Booklet Series 2: Sustainable Agriculture

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Why does agriculture have a massive impact on many environmental aspects? Think about a slice of pizza. It seemingly only consists of basic ingredients like dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. The farmers need hundreds of gallons of water to grow the wheat and tomato, and to feed the cattle to produce cheese. More water to process the wheat into flour, yeast to make the dough, and water again to produce the gooey mozzarella. While most of these resources are finite, calls to implement a more resource-efficient are inevitable. This notion is embodied into sustainable agriculture principles.

This booklet is the 2nd Series of Agrifood Booklet. In this edition, We provides essential knowledge of the sustainable agriculture concept, written in simpler terms, followed by visual explanations, suitable to be read by anyone interested in this issue.


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