Suboptimal Land Series: An introduction to sustainable agriculture practice on suboptimal land

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It might be possible to address food security in 2050 without producing more food. Today’s food production is suggested to be enough to feed 10 billion people. However, this calculation would only be sensical if the food is produced at the same rate in the next three decades. Among others, major constraints come from agriculture land conversion (ALC) or cropland loss due to increasing human population.

The combination of ALC and climate change will surely decrease agricultural production. This leads to insufficient food supply to feed all of the people. It is inevitable to expand new farmland. In other hand, available arable lands for agriculture are shrinking over time since most of them are already cultivated or converted. It is important to segregate farmland expansion with deforestation because many abandoned and degraded areas can be enhanced for farming. One of potential areas for creating new farmland is on suboptimal land.


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