Kawal Lumbung Pangan

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#KawalLumbungPangan (in English: #EscortingFoodEstate) stems from our concern about the government of Indonesia’s plan to implement food estate initiatives as an answer to prevent food crises. The particular case of the food estate plan in Central Kalimantan brings a lot of attention due to the past experience of similar initiatives. Not only the type of land in Central Kalimantan is complex for agriculture, but the minimum involvement of local people also made this plan prone to liability and thus should be closely guarded.

At the very least, this platform will provide you an archive of the conversation about the efforts so that we can fuel the discourse to ensure fair and sustainable implementation of the food estate plan.

Nevertheless, this platform’s objective is not only specified for the establishment of the food estate plan in Central Kalimantan. Beyond, we strive to reach all relevant stakeholders and advocate the best practices of addressing the food challenges.

With the support from those who share similar concerns, we will make sure that all efforts can tangibly enhance all food security dimensions with the most sustainable approach — start from the most affected community near the effort location to a broader scope.

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