TJF celebrates World Food Day 2022 by collaborating to share stories through a media campaign we call #tellyourstory 2.0 with the theme of “Securing Our Food from Crisis.”

After we got the 5 finalists who proposed their unique idea about food security, they were directed to the workshop titled  “Campaign for secure our food from a crisis using video from your phone” held on Saturday morning on the 1st of October 2022.

This Workshop has 3 sessions with 3 different speakers and backgrounds who will guide the finalists to understand more about food security, specifically, to gain awareness about the food crisis.

The session opened with the presentation of one of TJF’s researchers, Yahya Hilmi, addressing how nowadays world food conditions and how we as a global society and food consumers can prevent food crises that threaten us.

TJF Researcher, Yahya Hilmi talked about Nowadays Food Condition

Jump to the next session, we meet with Kadek Suardika, a farmer from Bali who shares his perspective about the food crisis from the side of a food producer who has a mission to develop local food security in his neighborhood. The storytelling session from Kadek has approached the finalist heart because of his passion and impactful sustainable farming.

Kadek Suardika shared about his farming experience

The two sessions were very engaging, but we should take a break before moving to the last session. TJF committee preparing the warming-up games for the finalist: “If you can wrap up your week as a food name, what would it be?”. Not only the finalist but the third speaker who is already on the stage also gets involved to answer this warming-up game. The atmosphere gets warmer with the laughter of the forum member during this session.

After getting open to each other in the warming-up games session, we move to the more technical session by Niskala Studio who sharing about their experience in producing documentary videos. Wayan Martino and Medy Mahasena explanation about the process of making a video, starting from pre-production, production, and post-production was very detailed and triggered the finalist’s enthusiasm till the end of the presentation. This session had much feedback from the finalists because they are curious about the preparation they made to produce the video as the result of this workshop and competition.

Niskala Studio Session

The session was wrapped up by the moderator with a reflection session where each finalist can share what they feel and what they get from this workshop. It’s already lunchtime (13.00 WIB) when the moderator closes the forum and encourages the finalists to prepare for the next phase of this series of events: Ideation Week (6-12 October 2022). We can’t wait to see the story about food security that will be made by our amazing finalist.