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Joni is a young farmer-to-be who was born in Kalimantan, Indonesia. His parent sent him to Jakarta since he was a kid to live with his aunt and get a better education. On his 18th birthday, he got news from his aunt, which would change his whole life.

On the day when he was supposed to get happiness, he was shocked by the news of his parent’s death. Joni had to go back to Kalimantan, just to found out that his parents have left him with a testament that says Joni will inherit his parents’ farmland, which specifies a wetland, only if Joni can solve the challenges.

These challenges mean nothing but to prepare Joni to manage the farmland well. The thing is…….Joni has no idea about anything on the farmland; he doesn’t know what a wetland is. To honor his parents, he chose to stay in his hometown and claim his farmland. Joni would need your help to do this. What do you say?

That was the story about Joni. Today, Joni is farming on his land. That was all because of your help. Joni honors his parents through cultivating his land in sustainable ways.

To commemorate International Wetlands Day, we held an online event from 3 February until 9 February, consist of two activities: trivia and treasure hunt. The event brought up the story of Joni and the call to help him. As the account has been told above, nine of our friends who could help Joni were rewarded IDR 100k OVO/Gopay vouchers.

In the daily trivia, which was held from 3 until 8 February, 30 friends helped Joni a day. We created one trivia per day on TJF’s Instagram story as a warming-up so that our friends understand better about the wetland.

As for the treasure hunt, 50 kind friends were hand in hand with Joni to complete the quests and learn about wetlands. We prepared a link that leads them to the place where they were meant to solve the quests. Hence, we found our nine fastest friends who answered the inquiries correctly.

We thank our friends for the endeavor to help Joni. All of the participants were astonishing! The competition of hunters was so fast. The correct answer between hunters was only a fraction of a second away. How incredible!


If you are not yet the nine fastest hunters, don’t be discouraged!

Joni will come with various other challenges this year!

Stay tuned on TJF’s social media to keep you updated with exciting news and challenges!