March 2021 is a mark that our struggle to “coexist” with the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for one year, and no doubt that we will continue to fight. In the most crucial matter in human life, namely food, what is the ongoing pandemic’s specific impact?

In February 2020, the media platform raised the issue of conditions and projections for food security during the pandemic. Kontekstual is the International Study online media formed in 2018 using the language of Indonesia and Indonesian perspectives. One of the platforms used by Kontekstual is a podcast called Podcast Bebas Aktif. On this occasion, Podcast Bebas Aktif discussed food security in Southeast Asia by inviting the TJF Research Coordinator, Zara, as a guest speaker. Previously, Zara had also published a brief discussing the impact of COVID-19 on food security in Southeast Asia together with Shofwan Al Banna Choiruzzad.

Traditional Market in Indonesia ©Denny Aulia/Unplash

Discussion started with Zara introducing suboptimal land and its relationship to food security. Food security has become one of Southeast Asia’s most important issues, especially with the current pandemic conditions. This podcast continued by discussing how COVID-19 affects food security in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, what has been done to overcome this issue, and what the state or society can offer to maintain food security.

This podcast can be accessed via Food Security in Southeast Asia. The February 2021 TJF Brief can be accessed via COVID-19: Implication to Food Security in Southeast Asia.