How well do you know about peatland? So far, there is no single formal definition of ‘peat’ and ‘peatland,’ with different interest groups using their own definitions. But, the basics define peat as soil that is formed by organic matter from remains of dead and decaying plant material. Indonesia has a total area of around 14,8 million hectares, or around 3.5% of global peatland area. 

Peatland is one of the most exposed suboptimal land types with its uniqueness yet also the most misunderstood. In recent decades, the buzz around peatland stems from land use management issues. Unclear and overlapping assignments cause a lack of clarity leads to unsustainable peatland management practices. 

As the soul of TJF is to optimize sustainable agriculture of  suboptimal lands (this includes peatlands!) for food security, it becomes our interest to shed more light on what happens with our peatlands to you. To commemorate the World Peatlands Day, TJF will throw a ‘Peat Party’ from 28 May until 22 June 2021. 


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We hope you are excited to get ready knowing more peatland. Celebrating this land will be our effort to bring betterment in its management.
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Happy World Peatland Day!