After a month of extension for the preliminary round, we have now proudly announced the six finalists for our #tellyourstory competition.

The chosen finalists were scored the highest in the three judging criteria of Voice and Power that gauge to what extent the audience can hear and feel the message to change the agri-food system; of Experience and Engagement that measure how the submission can help the audience feel connected and engaged; and of Inspire for Impact that observe the potential impact of the story to inspire the audience.

Congratulations to our finalists below, who will be presented in the final event of our Global Digital Storytelling Competition this weekend.

Some festivities are prepared for our final event. While it is wholly a virtual one, the fun and impact are promised. Two key people will open the event to share their perspective on the importance of everyone’s role to bring betterment to the global agri-food system. Our awesome judging panel will be introduced before the start of the core event where we can watch together the submitted videos of all finalists. For the final, there will be a short Q&A between the judging panel and finalists. 

While the judges discuss to decide the winners, everyone will watch a surprise performance by a youth community as our guest star. Afterward, we can then witness the winners announcement who will receive a total prize of 1000 US$.

Last but not least, we feel very grateful to all who submitted their storytelling videos to us. You have taken the part in defining the path of a better agri-food system that provides better food for humanity. You can continue to expose best practices to improve the system, leading to our capacity to be more resilient and adaptive, all through your stories. 

This is what we believe is our power, just like the slogan of ‘take your action, be our hero’. We have the capacity to change the world. Youths are the one who will direct the course of nations in coming years. In this age where agriculture and food system needs to be more robust yet adaptive, it is urgent to take action. Hopefully, the final of this competition can help you looking for inspiration in making impact.