Mini-Class of Campaign #ForChangeID

The word ‘campaign’ was used to be associated by doing something, typically speech, in front of the public, but the time has changed and there are currently various ways to run a campaign. Nowadays, any movement would have an expert on conducting campaigns to reach its target audiences. #ForChangeID offered a social campaign mini-class for communities who have interest. Tay Juhana Foundation (TJF) attended its latest class in Jakarta at the end of last month.

The mini-class was divided into two sessions and was opened by a remark from #ForChangeID’s representative. Six communities, with a variety of background, participated in the mini-class. The issues brought by these different communities spanned from health, media usage in youth, development, environment, and agriculture issue. During this event, each of the communities would focus on the selected issues in accord with their primary causes.

In the first session, each community was handed papers with questions to be answered, mostly was about the basic 5W and 1H on the relevant causes as the campaign material. By answering the questions, the participant could examine and formulate the desired change, the objective, the collected information, the potential target audiences, the method, the narrative, the sustainability, and the evaluation of their campaign. The spokesperson from #ForChangeID explained the basic skill of conducting social campaign, particularly in understanding the desired goals, the communication strategy, and the result measurement.

The second session was focused on leveraging available technology in conducting the campaign. Promoting their own product, #ForChangeID explained the advantage of utilizing such digital platform.

Campaign #ForChange is a mobile app that enables the registered communities to connect with each other. During this event, the organizer advertised that the app is having competition for the campaigners that have joined the mini class series. The campaigners should submit a challenge plan where the winner will be featured on the front page of the app and will receive mini-grant from #ForChangeID for the collected users (i.e. campaign follower). For every user, #ForChangeID will donate Rp5.000,- to the challenge. The mini-class ended with the description of the procedure of participating in the competition with the deadline on 7th September 2019.