Sustainable Coconut Plantation in Pulau Burung

On 13-14 October 2020, TJF’s research team had the opportunity to present our research at the International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture (ICoSA 2020). The ICoSA 2020 is an international event organized virtually by Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta. This conference provides a platform to enable information exchange about sustainable agriculture in Indonesia. 

Two of our research were presented in this conference. The first research is titled “An integrated water resource management for sustainable peatland management on coconut agriculture in Indonesia.” The research shows the successful approach used by more than 30-years old coconut plantation in managing sustainable agriculture in peatland area in Riau Province. To examine sustainability, we used five parameters which represent the three aspects of sustainability (environmental, social, and economical). Our findings show that the implemented integrated water management in the coconut plantation area has a significant impact on minimizing subsidence and carbon loss, while maintaining coconut productivity and supporting regional development.

Meanwhile, the second research is titled “Lesson learned from the development of sustainable rice farming in peatland.” This research about rice farming shows that it is possible to practice rice farming in peatland in sustainable ways. Definitely, with several considerations and applications that concern the water management system, next to the analysis of selected ameliorants and crop varieties. This research can support the development of food estates in the peatland area due to Covid-19 pandemic. You can access our presentation here for first research and here for second research. 

Sustainable Agriculture in Peatland: Dissemination of Our Findings in International Conference – Tay Juhana Foundation
Ika Zahara Qurani (TJF Researcher) is selected as Best Presenter at ICOSA 2020

ICOSA 2020 ended with a parallel session that gave us more knowledge about food and agriculture. For, example, one research showed the various antibrowning agents in fresh cut apple cv manalagi. At the end of the conference, the organizer committee announced their selection of best presenters where our rice research presentation was given the award. As grateful as we are to receive the award, we aspire that our research can contribute to development of sustainable agriculture in Indonesia.