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It was the first time T-talk was held interactively with the general public, presenting three speakers from TJF who brought discussions on sustainable agriculture on suboptimal land. Andika Julian brought up food insecurity and the food estate program as one of the solutions to securing food security, especially in Indonesia.

A presentation followed the discussion by Ihsan, who specifically discussed the use of peatlands for agricultural activities. It turns out that farming on peatlands is possible if it is done with the proper management, one of which is good water management. This certainly reduces dependence on fertile land, which is depleted. Noya discussed suboptimal land, which is often referred to as marginal land, degraded land, or infertile land. Although suboptimal land is defined as the land with low productivity and benefits, this land can be optimized through proper and sustainable cultivations.

T-Talk: Kaleidoskop Pangan dan Pertanian Kita – Tay Juhana Foundation
© Tay Juhana Foundation

As a moderator in the discussion, Zara gave the opportunity to attendants to provide questions, information, or input to the speakers. Several participants were involved in this interactive discussion, one of whom was Mr. Roberta from the Islamic University of Indragiri, who shared his experiences in suboptimal land research in Riau.

Although this T-talk is the last discussion in 2020, in the future, TJF will continue to hold conversations that the general public can also follow. TJF plans to regularly hold discussion forums on various social media platforms and conference call platforms. Hopefully, this discussion forum will have a real impact in sharing knowledge about suboptimal land and good agriculture management.