T-Talk – short for TJF Talk – is a program that originates from an internal discussion of the TJF team to identify themes related to TJF dreams, conduct independent literary research and communicate those things. In different episodes, the six TJF team members presented various topics. In October 2020, a T-Talk entitled “About Suboptimal Land” was uploaded to the YouTube channel to share messages from the discussion with the public. It was followed by a T-Talk entitled “Our Agriculture Hero” in November, and for the first time, this discussion forum was broadcast live on the YouTube channel.

In this T-Talk series, each TJF team member shares a story about an agricultural hero who is admired for his extraordinary courage and achievements, especially in providing food for humanity. It started with Andika Julian, who told a story about agricultural extension workers who became important actors in the success of agricultural activities, but ironically, there are fewer agricultural extension workers. Followed by Ihsan, who told about the character of Cultivar in Green Revolution, Norman Borlaug, who produced new kinds of “dwarf” wheat that resisted rust, yielded well and had short stems.

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Noya told about Kang Arif, who gave farmers workshops differently; he did not speak in a room with a microphone and projector, but instead went directly to the field with farmers, created a YouTube channel, and campaigned for modern agriculture. The discussion was continued by Dewi, who chose Pak Soleh as her hero who practices sustainable agriculture for coffee commodity.

Zara brought a story from Gunung Kidul about Mrs. Suparijiyem, who was inspired by a social gathering of women and then created a community called Menur Women Farmers (MWF) and invited her friends to build a business where they grow vegetables and tubers. This discussion was closed by Dwi, who presented that all female farmers are heroines and brought a story about female farmers in Kokida who carry out the main agricultural activities together with their husbands who prepare the land.

The six heroes and heroines presented by the TJF team are the main actors in our food security. This discussion is dedicated to fighters at the forefront of food production. Without them, our food security will undoubtedly be threatened. They deserve high appreciation for ensuring food for every human being on earth.