The fourth T-Talk was held on October 9, 2020. Six TJF members presented different topics with one key theme: Suboptimal Land, the main issue on which TJF focuses on. 

This T-Talk edition opened by Julian with food sovereignty, which can be supported by sustainably utilizing suboptimal land. Noya brought up how leveraging sustainable suboptimal land cultivation can bring us to a healthier diet and give the example of the practice in Indonesia’s local communities. Still talking about communities, Dewi presented a case study of how suboptimal land can affect the surrounding community welfare in Yala Swamp. The presentation continued by Zara with her main topic about how technology can be applied to boost suboptimal land cultivation in some countries. Ihsan ended this T-Talks session with an explanation about Suboptimal Land’s role in supply chain issues.

From some of the descriptions discussed by our team, this edition of T-Talk pictured various perspectives related to suboptimal land, the importance of cultivation on this land, and other aspects that can be observed from the case studies of suboptimal land cultivation which has ever practiced before. 

Watch the full video of this T-Talk here.