Water is fundamental in every aspect of life. Even a 4% deficiency of water in the human body can lead to dehydration, and a deficit of more than 15% can be fatal. Not only in the body, but water is also an essential factor in ensuring the availability of our food because water is a crucial aspect of agriculture and fisheries.

In agriculture, water is used to grow crops. Each type of land has different water management to optimize agricultural yields. Therefore, water management is needed. Safe and effective management of agriculture will have a positive effect on food production.

World Water Day is celebrated every 22 March, and this year’s theme is “Valuing Water,” which encourages conversations about the meaning of water in our lives. T-Talk – short for TJF Talk which has an objective as a forum for discussion and dissemination on sustainable agriculture for food security, was celebrating World Water Day by holding a discussion entitled “Air di Piring Kita: Tata Kelola Air untuk Produksi Pangan.” This discussion was bringing the theme “The significance of water and its management in food production” by presenting three speakers, namely Noyara Rahmasary (TJF), Dally C. Shafar (TFF Ambassador / BIOPS Agrotekno Indonesia), and Lakshita Aliva Zein (Banoo).

The webinar was also supported by Thought for Food, a pioneer of next-generation innovation and startup acceleration for food and agriculture, and was attended by more than 30 participants. Noya presented water management in suboptimal land, especially peatland. It was followed by Aliva, who discussed water management technology for aquaculture for good captured fish, ended by Dally, who discusses water technology for agriculture.

Survey on water for agriculture before (left) and after (right) the webinar

The T-talk moderator, Dewi, showed changes in the participants’ understanding of water at the beginning and the end of the webinar. When asked what comes to our mind about water in agriculture, the answer could be “irrigation,” “expensive,” or “it needs a lot.” However, at the end of the webinar, the participants agreed that water in agriculture is not about the “difficulty” but about the importance of water which can be maximized so that its benefits will reach our plates.

If you are curious or want to learn more about water management in agriculture, you can download the three speakers’ material at the link below (click on the picture to download). You can also participate in safeguarding our food security by following other TJF’s programs on social.

TJF (click the picture to download)
Banoo (click the picture to download)
BIOPS (click the picture to download)

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” – WH Auden