The Live Talk entitled “Merawat Pangan di Tengah Krisis Iklim” was a discussion forum routinely organized by the Tay Juhana Foundation (TJF). This forum, which is open to the public, discussed on-field agriculture practices.

Ica Wulansari attended this discussion as a Social-Ecological Study Reviewer and Dipa, a young farmer who graduated from Gadjah Mada University (UGM). Ica Wulansari said that the climate crisis is real. The agricultural sector, which is highly dependent on nature, is heavily affected by the climate crisis. Which should be summer, but the rainfall is still fairly high. This affects agricultural practices so that the welfare of farmers is increasingly vacillating.

Dipa as a farmer who is directly involved in the field, confirmed this. According to him, today’s farmers have to rack their brains frequently to not fail in their harvest. Due to this, not a few farmers have switched professions. In fact, farmers are the spearhead of food security in Indonesia.

In line with the objectives of the TJF Live Talk, it is hoped that stakeholders such as the government can provide convenience to farmers, such as by providing subsidies because farmers are more vulnerable to crop failure. It also invites millennials to be interested in becoming farmers so that farmers in Indonesia experience regeneration.