In this Ramadhan session, TJF launched the first challenge entitled “Story behind the food we ate.” As we spend our time at home during the pandemic, it was the right time to contemplate where our food came from. TJF called all the audiences to tell their food story – from the production process until the serving result on the plate.

The participants could string up their food story in three days, from 10 until 13 May 2020. More than 30 participants joined the challenge, and we met the two winners (best photo and story) who won digital wallet vouchers valued at IDR 100.000 each.

Hopefully, the first TJF challenge could raise awareness among all participants about the meaning behind the food we eat every day. Moreover, we will continue to conduct various TJF challenges in the future, which will surely be exciting to participate in and provide new insights into agriculture and food security.