Last year, we met Joni, a young farmer-to-be. Even though he grew up in the city, his heart was left in his village when everything was green. His fate has brought him back to his village to learn about agriculture as his parent’s last wish. At the end of the day, Joni has inspired people to help him grow food on his (suboptimal) land.

Today, on 2 February 2022, some friends just sent him a gift, it was a rolling camera film. It played back Joni’s memory when he learned about farming on the peatland for the first time. So he called his friends, and they replay their nostalgic pictures and retell their excitement on the journey to become farmers last year.


To commemorate International Wetlands Day, TJF held an online event from 3 February until 9 February 2022, called the #bringthecaption challenge. As the theme for this year was “Wetlands Action for People and Nature,” we brought this challenge to encourage our friends to act, both for people and nature, through the story and campaign of a marvelous young farmer.

Four pictures from the camera film needed a story. This challenge was meant to encourage our friends to write the caption based on the images to sound their voice about wetlands action. Joni rewarded $10/150K OVO/Gopay vouchers for three friends, and here are the voices they wish to be heard by people:

We all do hope these narratives will be heard by the world to encourage people to take action for our wetlands and food security.

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