In simple terms, climate change is the change of climate on earth into a harmful state to humans; it is interlinked to global warming. Due to this real threat to our future, in 2015, 191 countries plus the European Union joined the Paris Agreement, which agreed to limit the temperature increase only 1.5 degrees. Even more, it will reach global carbon neutral in 2050.

We as people who live on earth also have a responsibility to contribute in combating climate change. Personally, my work is related to improving climate change resilience such as restoring degraded forest or elaborating sustainable agriculture. However, climate change is a global issue and needs a global network to work on it.

To improve my climate change awareness network, I joined Climate Reality Project, an educational worldwide grassroots organization that trained selected people who are really concerned and involved in climate change projects. The output is trainees become Climate Reality Leaders, along with other more than 40,000 people in 154 countries.

This year, the program was interactive online program, which took place on 16 to 24 October 2021. I was pleased to have known more about climate change impact and mingle with others in small group discussion.

After this, along with carbon research that we conducted, large impact on combating climate change will be initiated. Especially how we as a foundation advocate more sustainable agricultural practice on peatland to achieve carbon neutral and prosper the community.