Our Approach

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How to Achieve Our Vision

Our strategy is to combine the experience that we have in comprehensive water management system that supports a sustainable agricultural practice, with cutting-edge scientific studies and strategic partnerships. Through the sound scientific knowledge, we aim to make our organization a well-trusted source of information, and through strategic collaboration with relevant partners, we see the opportunity to leverage significant change.

What We Do

Tay Juhana Foundation believes that we can pursue global food security by enabling sustainable agriculture practice in suboptimal lands that is most benefitting the environment, social, and economy dimensions for the surrounding area. In spreading the message, we aim to disseminate its knowledge and technology by providing advisory service, particularly to develop, adapt, and implement the practices in other similar places. Our core actions are summarized in these mission keywords:

Asset 1

Conducting Research

Asset 2


Asset 10


Asset 6


In carrying the missions, we are simultaneously reaching out the targeted stakeholder. Besides using the online media platforms, we have been actively participating in events, strengthening our internal capacity, and building partnerships. By doing so, our findings and messages are accessible for the broader public, and all can benefit from the information and knowledge.

We always aim to work together with a range of relevant stakeholders to generate impacts both locally and globally. The stakeholders might include but not limited to:



Academic Institution



Private Sector

It is always a pleasure to welcome anyone interested on our causes. Contact us here.