Minimizing Carbon Loss Through Integrated Water Resource Management on Peatland Utilization in Pulau Burung, Riau, Indonesia

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Sustainable utilization of peatland is required for balancing production and conservation efforts. On peatland, one of the main components to examine sustainability is understanding the carbon balance. This research was conducted in Pulau Burung, Riau, Indonesia, which has a long history of peatland utilization for agriculture. The sets of utilized data included historical data of water management on peatland represented by water table and subsidence rate, next to carbon density of peat soil. Further, this paper discusses the practice of minimizing carbon loss (low carbon emission) on coconut agriculture in Pulau Burung as one of sustainability dimensions, which support the other sustainability aspects, that is the thriving local livelihood.

This article is published in E3S Web Conference Volume 200, 2020


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