TJF Agrifood Booklet Series 3: Suboptimal Land

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Today’s agricultural production may not be able to meet the future demand for staple food such as rice, soybean, and wheat; especially in climate change conditions. To improve food security, one of the options is to strengthen self-sufficiency in domestic food production. These efforts face a challenge especially from the alarming rate of agriculture area conversion into infrastructure development that reached 96,500 ha/year. Meanwhile, the national government can only generate new croplands of 20,000-30,000 ha/year.

How suboptimal land can be the solution to improving our food security?

This booklet is the 3rd Series of Agrifood Booklet. In this edition, We provide essential knowledge of the suboptimal land in context, written in simpler terms, followed by visual explanations, suitable to be read by anyone interested in this issue.


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