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About Our Foundation


Tay Juhana Foundation (TJF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocate the conversion and cultivation of suboptimal lands into productive lands, through the most environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable manner.


The main research ground of Tay Juhana Foundation located within 57,000 hectares of plantation that lies in an intertwined of flatland, lowland, wetland, and peatland in Pulau Burung sub-district of Indragiri Hilir regency in Riau province.


Do you realize that you can become a part of the solution? We welcome any collaboration from local and international communities. Various research, technology, and community development projects within the area of our main focus.

We have the power to impact our future, and we’re doing something about it.

We have over 50 years of practical experience in the field of sustainable cultivation of lowland, wetland, and flatland situated within the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Our strategy is to combine the experience that we have in implementing comprehensive water management system that resulted in a sustainable agricultural practice within our plantation, with cutting-edge scientific studies and strategic partnerships. Through the sound scientific knowledge, we aim to make our organization a well-trusted source of information, and through strategic collaboration with relevant external entities, we see the opportunity to leverage significant change

Our Interest

In accordance with our vision, mission, and values, we commit to delve into these relevant topics of interest to support the causes that we believe. By obtaining and spreading the knowledge from our research, we can cooperatively direct our way of life to a better future.

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Memangnya Menguntungkan Bisnis di Gambut?

Memangnya Menguntungkan Bisnis di Gambut?

Gambut sering diasosiasikan sebagai salah satu ekosistem yang rentan terdegradasi, di mana hampir setiap tahun ada lahan gambut yang terbakar baik di Sumatra maupun Kalimantan. Namun, saat ini banyak inisiasi yang dilakukan oleh berbagai pihak terutama dalam...

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